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Happy Media is our independent production house for documentaries and fictional films. With Happy Media we want to extent our reach and give visual images to the topics that move us. Though we primarily develop and produce our own content, Happy Media is open to national and international Co-Productions. We also produce image films, as long as the desired content is in line with our goals and ambitions. Together with our partner “Rolling Image Production Studio” in Thimphu, we can complete the whole production cycle, from content development, to shooting and post-production.

Our most recent production “The Farmer – Sonam Zingpha”, a 25-episode series about farming, was broadcasted on BBS in Octover 2014. Framed in a fictional story, the TV-Series addresses the very real trend of rural-urban migration in Bhutan and the severe problems caused by this rapid and uncoordinated development, especially in the eastern parts of Bhutan. But the series does not only show the dilemma, it displays opportunities and promotes a positive, yet unseen, image of rural life. The hidden chances in agro-business are revealed, aiming to inspire young Bhutanese to see farming as an opportunity and not as a phase-out model. The Farmer crosses the boarders between fiction and documentary, since the actors are mostly authentic characters from the villages. The stories of their lives have inspired our work and became part of the series.

We are currently producing an image-film for the German bio-cosmetic firm Primavera. The film shows the production of lemon grass oil and high quality soap in eastern Bhutan for Primavera. The focus is on the social scope of this ambitious project.

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