Happy Chips

Our Products

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The delicious Happy Chips are produced from naturally grown local ingredients. We use the famous desiree potatoes grown all over Bhutan and local varieties of tasteful spices.

No Additives – No Preservatives – No MSG

Our first product Happy Chips Classic Salted 50g is available in the 8 Eleven Retailer in the centre of Thimphu and in Shop No. 7 in Olakha and Motithang. Once we expand to more stores, we will inform you right here.

Our second product Happy Chips Bhutanese Spices 100g will be launched in spring 2016.

Our Values

The purpose of the Happy Chips business is to support the farming community in Bhutan. By adding value to agricultural products, we generate a stable market for Bhutanese farmers. Our potatoes and the Happy Chips spices are naturally grown by the farming members of the Happy Green Cooperative. We train our farmers to produce to highest standards, focusing on traditional local varieties. In exchange we pay predefined premium prices.

We choose certain communities to grow the ingredients for each product. This way we want to create a strong link between the producing farmers, the product and the consumer.

With an active environmental protection strategy, Happy Chips is contributing to sustainable development in Bhutan. We are cooperating with Bhutan’s private waste management company Greener Way. Each package contains a deposit, incentivising the disposal at Greener Way and facilitating the recycling of these materials.

The Happy Chips Team

Farmer Sangay

Director and Founder of the Happy Green Cooperative

Sangay Rinchen has studied agriculture at College of Natural Ressources in Bhutan and worked in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, before he resigned and founded the “Happy Green Cooperative” in 2010. He has initiated all of the Happy Green projects. Sangay is a member of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Committee on Youth Co-operation in Asia Pacific. He has been invited to numerous lectures and workshops around the world evolving around farming and GNH. Sangay recently left Thimphu and moved to the village Drachukha in Northern Bhutan, to facilitate the growing of ingredients for Happy Chips together with the Cooperative Famers.

Adrian von Bernstorff

Co- Founder and General Manager of Happy Chips

Adrian von Bernstorff is a lawyer from Germany. He comes from a farming background in northern Germany. Before he came to Bhutan, Adrian worked at Becker Büttner Held Lawyers in Berlin in the field of infrastructure and renewable Energies. Out of appreciation for Bhutan and the country’s unique culture and development philosophy, he decided to join the Happy Green Cooperative and specialize in food business. Together with his wife Irja he lives and works in Bhutan since October 2013.

Sonam Tshering

Operations Manager

Sonam Tshering is in charge of the daily operations in our Happy Chips factory. He is a trained chef with management qualification. Sonam was Station Manager at Drukair in charge of the catering and worked in the United States in the food business before he joined Happy Chips in 2014.

Leki Wangchuk & Tashi Penjor

Electrical Engineer and Mecanical Engineer

Leki and Tashi are the Senior Workers in our Happy Chips factory.

Malcolm Wilkes

Food Scientist

Malcolm Wilkes is a widely recognised expert in the food industry with substantial commercial experience at board level from Britain. He was Group Head of Technology at United Biscuits and Technical Director at KP Foods among other positions. Malcolm comes to Bhutan on regular basis and has played a critical role in developing the Happy Chips.

David Burresi


Since 2014, David has been contributing to the creation of Happy Chips with his entrepreneurial and financial thinking and plays an integral part in supporting our management team on a variety of topics

History and Shareholding

Happy Chips was founded by the Happy Green Cooperative in 2013. After two years of intensive development, Happy Chips conducted a successful test-launch in the Bhutanese Market. In September 2015 Happy Green joint forces with the agricultural business Nob Bhutan plc.  Nob Bhutan plc. was initiated in 2013 by the Fontana Foundation and its Head Mario Fontana from Switzerland and the Bhutanese Entrepreneur Rinzin Namgay. Later the team was joined by Entrepreneur and philanthropist Koenraad Foulon from London.

After transferring the Happy Chips Assets to Nob Bhutan plc., the Happy Green Cooperative is now a major local shareholder of Nob Bhutan plc. The Cooperative is furthermore in charge of the raw-material sourcing.