Happy Green Cooperative

In pursuit of Gross National Happiness

The Happy Green Cooperative is a community of Bhutanese small-holding farmers and dedicated people with different backgrounds, brought together by the vision to improve the conditions of rural life in Bhutan and to provide opportunities for the young generation. Together we want to create a circular economic model, utilising modern technology and science while building on ancient wisdom of nature and values of life.

Our source of inspiration and our guideline is the Bhutanese development philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Therefore our initiatives are designed to balance socio-economic development, good governance, preservation of culture and conservation of environment.


Happy Chips

Happy Chips is producing Bhutan's first branded local Potato Chips. We use only naturally grown and local ingredients. Our vision is to produce and market a variety of value-added products in Bhutan and internationally, building a successful business with high ethical and environmental values.


Happy Farmers

In the centre of the Happy Green Cooperative are its farming members. They provide the raw-materials we use and give faces and stories to the food we produce. Our greatest ambition is to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations. Meet our farmers.


Happy Projects

The Cooperative is pursuing several projects in different development stages. The energy project Dazin provides a solution to household air pollution from cooking fuel usage in Bhutan and has accomplished a successful trial period. Please support the first ever Crowdfunding campaign from Happy Green Cooperative!

Another running project is the establishment of community forests. We have founded a community forest in Punakha Dzonghag and want to encourage other Bhutanese communities to secure additional sources of income to the farmers through community forests.

Other projects are in the conception phase and need further input and support to come to live. One of our dreams is to organize a Farming Library, documenting and sharing the profound knowledge of organic and sustainable agriculture in Bhutan. Another dream is to found a Cooperative Bank to provide access to financial resources to our farmers.


Happy Friends

Many incredible people have helped us to get where we are today. But we will need more support to bring about the transformation we dream of in Bhutan. Become a Cooperative member or a supporter of our cause.


Reaching out

We want to to change the perception of farming and rural life with our successful and independent production house Happy Media. By means of modern communication technologies we are directing the public and political attention towards small-holding farming, in Bhutan and internationally.

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